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Still Creek seeks to honor, explore, illuminate, nurture and elevate those who illuminate truth, work for the common good, and elevate our collective insight.

Exploring – connecting; At intersections, at complexities; Of insight, poetry, data/analysis, strategy, mission/vision, literature, history, poetry, art; Sharing; insight, strategy, grant-writing, web-design, consulting, agency/audience, curation/editing; Partnering with you to grow our insight.

Making connections across people, truth and meaning, lives, history, literature, art, music, economics, policy, philosophy, environmentalism, feminism, and the obscure – across time, cultures, place and the traditional walls and barriers to explore and grow from the interdisciplinary figuring and intersections with nuanced figures:

“many-sided, many-splendored.”

(Figuring, Popova, 2019)

Providing creators, artists, writers, poets and storytellers with curation, design, agency, audience.

  • Bringing non-profit, social, governmental, business and community organizations consulting, strategy, data/analytics and forecasting.
  • Grant-writing, web/social -media services and open-doors for all.

Obstreperous Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster
: marked by unruly or aggressive noisiness : CLAMOROUS obstreperous …
Harpy Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster
a : a predatory person : LEECH — Read on …
Grok Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster
The meaning of GROK is to understand profoundly and intuitively. …
Perfidy Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster
The meaning of PERFIDY is the quality or state of …


“Ben has a real alacrity in making the granular pop; an exceptional ability to highlight the analytic essentials for clear decisions.” Partnerships Officer

“Ben is radically collaborative. He brought together a broad team, welcomed all voices and opinions.  This resulted in huge strides toward our culture of success.” Head of Reference

Everyone knows when you want a real picture of the data you go to Ben’s teamHis useful analysis and insights are the ones we want.”  Chair, U. of Vermont

“He isn’t satisfied with a conclusion that isn’t going anywhere.  Analytic skills with a genuine human touch.”  S.U. Law,  Harvard Law J.D.

Services and Samples

I provided small to large (25k users) with

  • Data-dashboard design, delivery and user training
  • An automated dashboard with real-time key performance metrics for organizational efficiency, increased productivity and system-bottlenecks.

I provided a national business/think-tank with

  • Research, industry-informed data, and support
  • Actionable, research-based considerations for industry, small business, education, social services to adapt, evolve, accelerate.

I provided a large, national marking agency with

  • Creation, response-collection, analysis, write-up
  • A study synthesizing disruptive impacts and potential opportunities for growth.

I provided organizations with

  • Expert data-mining, validations, calculations
  • Lucid summarization for clear take-aways
  • Useable, clear infographics
  • Understandable, one-page summaries
    • Clear
    • Compelling
    • Memorable
    • Re-useable
    • Interactive presentation

I provided organizations with

  • Starting with the culture and values, the organizational mission and vision feed the growth of the impact in a metaphor which is adaptable for audiences small/large, internal/external, for the executives/board, for new employees, posters, screensavers, and more.