2023.10.26 Words with Rupi – Letter Writing

“An exercise I do often, especially when I feel writer’s bloc,kk is letter writing.  By learning into something as personal and familiar as writing a letter, this exercise takes the pressure off of having to figure out what I’m going to write about on a day I feel stuck.  Instead, my creative attention ids directed toward what I already know, which is comforting.

I also write to specific emotions I’ve been experiencing.  For example, I’ve written many letters to “fear.”  Doing so has helped me have a conversation and confront fear, rather than try to bury it….I also love to repeat prompts I’ve used in the past.  It helps to look about and compare results to see what’s changed or stayed the same,” (Kaur, 2022, p. 11).


  1. Write a letter to the person whose touch hurt you
  2. Write a letter to your father, from the perspective of your 7-year-old self
  3. Write a letter to your 9-year-old self, from the perspective of your 80-year old self
  4. Write a letter to a traumatic memory or moment
  5. Write a letter to “self-doubt”
  6. Write a letter to the parts of you that are still hurting
  7. WRite a letter to your mom when she was pregnant with you, from the perspective of your unborn self