2020 Completed Projects

Instant Think Tank—Open Source Ideas for Businesses to Survive, and even Thrive in COVID-19 Times


I was honored and grateful to be asked to b

and report regarding Ideas for Business to Survive, and even Thrive in COVID-19. This was an innovative project between InsightFarm – an Oregon consumer insight consulting group led by Kelley Styring and PRiority – a public relations firm out of St. Louis led by Sandi Straetker.

One of the best things that has happened during the COVID-19 crisis is the way people have come together to help each other. In the business world, companies small and large are yearning for ideas, for a path forward from this worldwide shutdown. What better way to help than to gather 25 strong thought leaders (representing a broad array of industries and possessing more than 500 years of collective experience) in order to build an open-source idea bank of ways to survive—and even thrive—as we come out of COVID-19 lockdown?

The Instant Think Tank considered three essential questions: •Adapt—What can be done now to survive?•Evolve—What can be done in the near-term as businesses re-open to the public?•Accelerate—What can be learned from this experience to emerge better and stronger in the future? We applied these essential questions to four industries: • Restaurants • Retail • Hotels • Office Work