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“Ben has a real alacrity in making the granular pop; an exceptional ability to highlight the analytics and essential elements for executive decision-making.” G. Withers, Sr. Advisor, Strategic Partnerships


It’s 3:00am and inspiration strikes! You present to your Board in five hours and need to slice and dice your data in a new way to showcase your quarterly growth. a


we’ve got this

real-time, updated, continually refreshed data

Simple. Clear. Done.

A hub for your users with one common source of truth shown in clear visualizations with slice-and-dice capability so you can drill-down live into the real-time, updated data.

You want your organization to ACT on data instead of getting stuck in circles of different ways to count things. Easily accessible, thoroughly documented definitions and protocols of data sourcing, hygiene, blending and calculations frees you for truly data-informed decisions and ACTIONS for impact and RESULTS.

Insight Hub – Overview


I provide highest-quality, best-practice, valid and reliable survey insight.

What impact are you having right now?

What do your current clients/customers want?

Who do they think of to get what they need?

Who is your next customer and what is between them and you?

Click HERE to read about the background and access the results from a study where survey was designed, tested, validated, implemented, analyzed and reported in actionable, digestible results through Still Creek Insight.

July 20, 2020

To better understand the impact of COVID-19 on students, faculty, staff, and essential processes across higher ed, Watermark conducted a national survey of higher ed professionals in May 2020. More than 850 respondents in leadership roles across 706 institutions shared their experiences and expectations for Fall 2020 and beyond.

Respondents shared the effects of COVID-related disruption on assessment, self-study, course evaluation, faculty review processes, and curriculum and catalog management. They also shared their expectations for the upcoming academic year and key actions they plan to take based on their experiences.

For more insights, watch the recording of our webinar featuring Watermark and the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA), where we provide collective insight into how institutions are planning to move forward this fall and beyond.


Click HERE to see a sample of the type of insight Still Creek Insight provides to organizations regarding their current visioning and to learn if they are on their way to where they want to be.

Two classic questions can summarize many of the sentiments, perceptions, skepticism and mindsets of audiences, customers, stakeholders, students and consumers: So what? Who cares?


To answer the question “who cares?” Still Creek Insight partners with organizations to learn, “are we who we say we are?”


To answer the question, “so what?” Still Creek Insight partners with organizations to learn, “are we on our way to where we want to be?”

How healthy is your organization?

Internal monitors of organizational health come as real-time, updated, refreshed analytics of critical data.

See the trends;

Avoid the cliff;

Steer to your Blue Ocean!