About Still Creek Insight

Rooted in the Pacific Northwest, Still Creek Insight has been bringing insight for more than 15 years. Founder and President Ben Moll has partnered with local, regional, national and international individuals and organizations to bring insight, drive growth and expand boarders, minds and scope.

Ben currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with a partner of nearly twenty years, three wonderful, deep, inspiring high- and middle-schoolers and the best two golden retrievers ever! You can find them together more often then not – kayaking, biking, traveling near and far, hosting friends and family and discovering new tastes. They volunteer and give back within their neighborhood, schools and city. Ben is also an avid reader across a very broad spectrum, enjoyer of fine whiskey, wine, strange sunglasses, antiques, old books and the Red Sox, Cubs and Mets.

As a locally and nationally recognized provider of strategic insight and data analytics, with experience in public, private, non-profit and faith sections, I bring experience and expertise in making connections which creatively spark impact, identifying key decision points and successfully advising an organization from senior management to tactical operations. I am an excellent communicator in one-time and in over-time settings, having successfully spoken to audiences of hundreds, small groups and one-on-one. I utilize and adapt content and delivery to provide you the clearest, most impactful insight. As a skilled strategic convener and collaborator, I have experience in bringing together diverse internal and external stakeholders, drawing out the unspoken and propelling us all toward the edges of our frontiers.

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