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Still Creek Insight framework for housing in a community

Eleanor Roosevelt believed that the home is “more important even than a well-run business.”  More people are affected by their home and home-life “than are ever touched by any single business, no matter harle it may be.  The problem of house [is] central, she believed to solving the problem of poverty, “Out of bad housing come inhabitants of prisons, sanitariums, insane asylums and homes for delinquent children” (D. Michaelis, Eleanor, 2020, p. 272-3).  

Still Creek Insight framework for the relationship between public policy and private non-profit service“As a member of the more broadminded Rockefeller-funded Housing Association of the City of New York, Eleanor championed better low-cost lodging among the poor and the aging.  She inspected tenement neighborhoods, making recommendations for upgrades and fought to see improvements enacted with or without Franklin’s gubernatorial endorsement.  In their new working partnership, she felt empowered by the squaring of their strengths: “I knew about social conditions, perhaps more than he did.  But he knew about government and how you could use government to improve things”  (D. Michaelis, Eleanor, 2020, p. 273).