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Bohemia – Wikipedia

Bohemia (/boʊˈhiːmiə/ boh-HEE-mee-ə;[1] Czech: Čechy [ˈtʃɛxɪ] ⓘ;[2] German: Böhmenⓘ; Upper Sorbian: Čěska [ˈtʃɪska]; Silesian: Czechy) is the westernmost and largest historical region of the Czech Republic. Bohemia can also refer to a wider area consisting of the historical Lands of the Bohemian Crown ruled by the Bohemian kings, including Moravia and Czech Silesia,[3] in which case the smaller region is referred to as Bohemia proper as a means of distinction
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Albigensians – Wikipedia

The Albigensian Crusade (French: Croisade des albigeois) or Cathar Crusade (1209–1229) was a military and ideological campaign initiated by Pope Innocent III to eliminate Catharism in Languedoc, what is now southern France. The Crusade was prosecuted primarily by the French crown and promptly took on a political aspect. It resulted in the significant reduction of practicing Cathars and a realignment of the County of Toulouse with the French crown. The distinct regional culture of Languedoc was also diminished.
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