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Bringing your art and creativity to light

LISTENING – to you and your work

LEARNING – the emerging themes

CONNECTING – across fields, stories and time

COMPOSING – the seemingly disparate together

EXPANDING – our collective experience and understanding by

“enlarging the personal world of everyone,”

(Louise Erdrich, flyleaf, Hole in the Sky, by William Kittredge).

Collaborating with a poet and writer – reviewing her oeuvre to hear, inductively identifying the themes within and creating frameworks and designs which incorporate seemingly distinct elements, and which reach across traditional boundaries between form, genre and convention.

Collaborating with a grounded, humbly secure, friend and leader to contribute to the written literature for those who are ready to hear beyond a preconceived, narrow room and to expand into the diversity which awaits.

I may humbly find being in process of being called to help you: “…to work on and organize in some way, all [you] have created over the years….lots of editing, walking close…”