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I aspire to be like Madeline Albright – a true dot-connector who also learned the art of how to be a dot-connector that other humans actually LIKE to be around! Fueling such dot-connector-ability was her incredibly broad, yet significantly deep, constant and truly voracious, indeed unquenchable, intake.

Or, as the phrase goes: be interested; be interesting.


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The Hatred of Poetry


Ben Lerner

  • For the reader, poets will, “leave the observable world a little changed, a little charged. Sam Sacks, The Wall Street Journal, fly-leaf of Lerner, 2016.

Lerner, Ben. 2016. The Hatred of Poetry, FSG Originals, New York, NY.

Centers of Progress:

40 Cities that

Changed the World


Chelsea Follett

  • I chose to read this with a specific purpose – to track the streams/themes from

Follett, Chelsea. 2023. Centers of Progress: 40 Cities that Changed the World. Cato Institute, Washington D.C., District of Columbia.

Grun, Bernard.1979. The Timetables of History: A Horizontal Linkage of People and Events. Simon and Schuster, New YOrk NY.