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49th Legislative district

What’s a Precinct?

You may have heard the term “precinct” used during election time when votes are being tallied – how many precinct votes have been counted. You know it has something to do with voting.

You may also have heard it used in relationship to a Precinct Committeeperson (PC).

What is a precinct?

Glad you asked!

A precinct is THE most basic geographic unit in voting, and has also been called an electoral precinct or voting district. A precinct includes households within one area of a city or other geographic region. The region has been subdivided into many precincts, which then comprise a legislative district (LD). In a way, precincts could be compared to zip codes. They’re a subset of a larger area.

In the old days (not too long ago), precincts also defined where you voted. You had a specific “polling place” where, as a registered voter, you’d go on Election Day to cast your vote. Recently, things have changed in many elections and you don’t necessarily need to vote in one specific place, on one specific day, and in one specific way. Isn’t change wonderful! The goal of making it easier for more people to vote is one that we value and work to uphold. (You still should always pay attention to the options for voting on any materials you receive before an election, because these things do change.)

What’s a Precinct Committeeperson (PC)?

A PC is: 

  • a representative of the neighborhood for a political party
  • a representative of the political party within a neighborhood

What’s the advantage of a precinct and of having a PC?

A precinct is the basic level of political awareness and action, and your PC helps make that awarness and action happen.

  • Your PC lives near you. A PC is considered an elected position, and a PC’s neighbors become her/his constituents.
  • PCs are interested, engaged volunteers who care about electing good candidates and about working for a successful community.
  • PCs get to know you, your concerns, and the issues that matter most to you.
  • PCs keep up with what’s happening in the legislative district and can communicate that with you, and they bring your concerns to the district.
  • When it’s safe to assemble in person, PCs may host events where neighbors can get to know each other and talk about things that matter to the precinct and LD. In the meantime, they may host town halls or other events virtually.
  • PCs can help answer your voting questions, tell you about candidates and why they deserve your support and your vote, share with you how to volunteer and get involved, circulate petitions to get candidates and citizen initiatives on the ballot, help you to get yard signs for favorite candidates and initiatives during election season, and remind you to vote.

If you’ve ever said any of the following things, you may want to consider becoming a PC:

  • “I hope my neighbors vote for things further down the ballot – those offices can have a big impact on our lives too.”
  • “I’m a Democrat, but there are things about the party I’d like to change.”
  • “Everyone seems focused on one issue, but this other issue seems much more important to my neighbors when I talk to them.”
  • “I want to help educate, motivate, and inspire my fellow Democrats.”
  • “I’d like to get to know more Democrats in my area, and let them know they’re not alone.”

Elections are won or lost by precinct, sometimes by just a few votes.

From https://www.ld25dems.org/precinct

If you’d like to know who your neighborhood PC is, or to become a PC, https://www.wa-democrats.org/local/pco/




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