Local Actions Taken

Under the impetus of the Vancouver, WA: Council for the Homeless – particularly, Laura Ellsworth.

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June 18, 2020 | Action Alert: Help Protect WA farm workers from COVID 19
Dear Advocate,    I hope you are well and healthy! Did you know that food and agriculture workers have been deemed “essential workers,” critical to the U.S. infrastructure? Washington has one of the largest agriculture economies in the U.S. and agricultural workers ensure that we all have food to eat. The in-season fruits and veggies at our local farmer’s market and in our grocery stores come from places like the Yakima Valley.   In Washington an estimated 90% of agriculture workers are Latino and while Latinos make up just 13% of the state’s population, they make up 43% of people confirmed to have contracted COVID-19.   Workers need safe affordable housing, access to healthcare, sick leave, and livable wages. They shouldn’t have to risk their lives because of their working and living conditions. While Governor Inslee’s recent proclamation was a start, the state should adopt stronger and permanent enforceable standards to protect agricultural workers.   Will you join me in supporting farm workers by contacting the Governor and Legislators today?   “People don’t understand the harsh conditions for farm workers. Help us grow awareness and bring more advocates in. If you go to our website we have an action and talking points to help you all understand. You can also contact me to find out more about how to help at nina@latinocivicalliance.org.” -Nina Martinez, Latino Civic Alliance   With this in mind, we’re sharing this call to action. Please make two calls today!  Call the Governor at 360-902-4111 and the legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000 to leave messages.   Here’s what you can say: “My name is_________ and I live in _________. I am calling to ask that the Governor and Legislature make the health and safety of farm workers a state-wide priority during this COVID-19 Pandemic. I am worried about the food supply and the growing numbers of farm workers becoming sick or dying. Agricultural employers must provide a safe workplace. Farm workers need safe housing, access to health care, sick leave, and they need livable wages. State Agencies are responsible to hold employers accountable. I JOIN others in asking for permanent protections that FARMWORKERS MATTER, and that requires employers to protect the work force and our food supply. Taking care of Ag Workers is a key part of food security. Thank you.”   In good health and solidarity, Laura Ellsworth