Poetry Research

Can one “research” poetry?

I hope so? At least, I humbly wish to try – I am so grateful to poets. I wish to give back in some way, using my strengths, yet recognizing myself as a non-poet; an outsider to the art of poetry – yet, as one who is grown, nourished, improved, deepened, slowed-down, by the art of poetry.

So, here is a fragile, tentative effort at poetry research – humbly offered.

Be gentle.

“The world for which you have been so carefully prepared
is being take away from you by the Grace of God.”

Walter Brueggemann in
Barbara Brown Taylor, Leaving Church, p. 122.

Research Elements

Poems. I am grateful to have been awakened, slowed-by, deepened-through these poems. They are not done with me.

Voices. I am grateful that these voices agreed to have conversations with me. I am listening/

Research Literature. I am not alone on the journey to learn from, research, and share findings about poetry.