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Form into RQs and hypotheses

use what then, now, next

If you name the current sense of loss, you can then grieve that loss. Diana G

Started for me at LECNA Rolling my eyes that they had us stand and read a dumb poem together. Then later again. And again. John Sonohue. It impacted me.

so with that impetus – to put 2020 personally and collectively into context. Mescham style.

So impetus. Context. And now – lens. Lens of poetry. As COVID brought out art and indie bookstores and artistic angles on 2020 protest…let’s investigation into poetry as a window into and vehicle sustainably let’s us carry the pruning lessons from COVID.

Danny’s 3.

Angles of ascent=ground RQS and HYPOTHESES

p45, especially 45! Nikki Giovanni – poetry take us past these headlines of protest and covid…otherwise we won’t have “it taken away by grace” we won’t learn?

p43 more

p51=our methodology for this research. Terminology and methods.
p49_=how/what/why language to listen for. The language of impact, of “what will nod blackheads” p.42…..

Notes in no order

Try running the 100 authors of Poets Wuest for God through bios – correlation for degrees earned, # publications, zip code of birth, race ethnicity, age of publication , other fun stuff

DIANA G for the following

Brene Brown and David Kessler Dg

For example, loss of connection with people. If I just skip to saying, Zoom happy hours are just as great – and I can reach across the nation!, then I won’t be able to fully grieve, know it and grow from it. DG

often, to learn in times like this, learners surrender to a higher power – this is part of recognizing that “I have something to learn” – something outside of me; something that someone ELSE probably knows.

this means surrendering to not me – “the ‘little you’ likes to direct ‘all of you’

“it’s like having an open vessel and that is all you can control. you can’t control the timing of when something comes in or what is is.” DG

DG – during her transition from counseling to coaching, would pray, “OK, I’m ready! Send me my message now (ala a drive through).” Rather learning and awareness and intuition of what was right about the next step for her life/career, came when she stopped doing this. Brene Brown talks a lot about the surrendering process – trusting intuition/higher power over the ‘little me.’

She was impatient waiting for the “insight to drop in” – but couldn’t order it drive-thru style. But knew she needed to wait. Rohr would say this impatience isn’t bad – we simply must discard/add-to it now. But either way, we don’t need to call “bad” in ourselves this feeling; nor in others as they experience it.

DG -“You can’t change what you are not aware of.” Without the awareness.” We simply repeat the same thing netting the same (non)results.

ERGO – poetry for me.