The Cry of the Soul – Allender and Longman

Parenting questions I added are aligned-right.

48. Jealousy voicalizes the core question, Isa God good – will He satisfy my hunger? Or will He bless others and leave me empty?

Right now, today, what are the “questions under the questions being vocalized” by my kids? By me? By my wife?

52. Arrogance is more than a cocky attitude or boasting about personal competence; it is a clenched fist shaken at the heavens in defiance: “I will not bow; I will not be broken by the weight of reality. I will not succumb to the desire for reconciliation. I will not face, nor feel, the groaning of my soul for redemption”….can show itself in contemptuous belligerence or in the quiet refusal, or supposed inability, top feel., and therefore, turning away from struggling with God.

Lord, have mercy for I am guilty of this.

Have mercy that my kids may see you and not my denial of struggle with you.

Help me to struggle. Mercy.