The Education of an Idealist – Samantha Power

Power, S. (2019). The education of an idealist : a memoir (First edition.). Dey St., an imprint of William Morrow.

President Barack Obama describes Samantha Power as “one of our foremost thinkers on foreign policy.”

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Start. Just start. Start reading others – anything; everything. Read to fact-check; read critically and actively. Then, start to develop your own views – while simultaneously trying. Don’t wait; try. Read your writing/thoughts aloud – first to family; then to someone you trust who will “eviscerate” (see below). Don’t stop. Find models (like Fred, see below). ACTIVELY ASPIRE.

  • Pages 56-57
    • “Mort (Mort Abramowitz) began asking me to fact-check his opinion pieces for the Washington Post and other publications. I slowly started developing views and tried my hand at writing editorials. At first, all I did was read the drafts to Mum and Eddie over the telephone. When I finally got up the nerve to show one to Mort, he eviscerated what I had written, decrying my :purple prose” and telling me to “tone down” the language. Crestfallen, I reflected on the rejection in my journal. “I think what Mort detests – and I can’t say I blame him – is my voice. I’m too young, too lackign knowledge and experience, to assume such airs.”
      • Mort Abramowitz – American Diplomat; retired U.S. Ambassador to Turkey; retired President of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; retired Founder – International Crisis Group.
    • Even if I didn’t yet have a knack for such writing, Mort was exposing me to a different mind-set. I now shared his impatience with commentary that detailed the contours of a problem without offering realistic, concrete ideas for how the United States and other actors might improve matters.
    • And now I understood why Mort had all the time in the world for Fred (Fred Cuny), someone who was a font of constructive ideas…
      • Fred Cuny – humanitarian; practitioner of disaster relief.