What Still Creek Does for You


Who are you? What makes you distinct?MissionWe help you articulate your core mission, purpose, values.
Are you who you say you are? What is your impact NOW?ImpactWe help you listen to you current stakeholders and identify more, future, potential stakeholders.
Where do you want to go? To not only survive now, but thrive in the future, where do you want to be?VisionWe help you clarify and aim at YOUR future with alacrity – no borders; we expand your frontiers.
Where are you going? Are you on your way to where you want to be?StrategyWe timeline your Key Performance Indicators – setting the thresholds, providing on-demand real-time progress monitoring and project management to achieve your Key Performance Indicators.
Are you listening? What is your data telling you?DataWe help you unleash your data and hear what it is trying to tell you.
Who can help you? Who is supporting you? Who should you partner with?PartneringWe help you with pre-award: developing your needs statement, justification, and data-informed evidence; with post-award monitoring, evaluation; with next-award always looking forward to get more for you.