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The Still Creek Insight Social Media Services Strategy

Still Creek Insight Social Media Services Strategy

Modern Social Media Solutions – decluttering, noise-reduction, smart use of two-way communication

Absolut Vodka often exemplifies excellent decluttering, noise-reduction and smart use of two-way communication in social media campaigns as seen in the example linked here (Absolut, 2022; Kristina, 2022).  Advertising through social media is made more complex by the prevalence of clutter, noise, and two-way communication.  Clutter is seen in the excessive quantities of unrelated, untimely advertising (Kokemuller, 2023).  Noise has a negative effect on the desired goal of the advertising campaign by districting the potential consumer to the point of fatigue and lack of focus on the target message (Johnson, 2023).  Two-way communication is one of the more complex elements of modern marketing (Strong, 2022), is increasingly prevalent, and occurs when the marketer and the potential consumer dialogue directly (Solution, 2023). 

As the social media platform itself is not controlled by the advertiser, and as clutter is often profitable to the platform, the advertiser is at a difficult disadvantage.  This can be offset by a reduction in the noise within the advertising campaign through focus, simplification, and streamlining.  Two-way communication carries significant expectations on the advertiser, is not fully embraced by consumers en masse, and can bring some risks otherwise not in play such as legal mis-steps, miscommunication, and response-times which do not meet the consumers demands (Kenan, 2022).  In short, these and other modern elements create an environment described best not as easier or harder, but more complex, dynamic and costly.  

Positioning and Strategy

Effective advertisers will position themselves in the consumer through thoughtful, repeated distinguishing from competitors within the industry (Thimothy, 2022) and is part of a coordinated, multi-part marketing plan consisting of the strategy (Kenan, 2023).  Social media can reinforce the position through consistent use of logos across platforms and simultaneously campaign deployment across platforms (Kenan, 2023), as seen in Nike’s consistent logo use across platforms, and mediums, within the broader strategy to entrench in the consumers mind regarding multiple products as seen in many examples such as those linked here (Erkilic, 2023).   

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) Connected Devices

Future marketing processes following the basic, current process may similarly consist of learning about the company, it’s product and it’s objective, researching the broader market and identifying the narrower target audience like Mastercard did with their True Name campaign (ANA, 2020), determining the media to be deployed mindful of the budget, creating and refining the ad, deploying and measuring the efficacy of the campaign (MSG, 2023) and seen in Kellogg’s Wine and Cheez-It campaign (ANA, 2021).  However, future prevalence of AI/IoT-connected devices would add elements of hardware consideration, automated customer interaction and technological aspects.  For example, devices could inform consumers and companies of vitamins as to dosage and refill rates.  Netflix could use AI-driven voice assistants and facial recognition to deploy hyper-targeted campaigns customized to the specific viewer(s) to be observable from an IoT connected, two-way camera.  While the basic elements of current advertising strategies would still be at play, this type of technology would increase costs, risks, errors, and time-to-execution in ways as yet unforeseen.  For example, the data-security risks of such a campaign would far exceed current legal, privacy and nefarious risks (Albinson and Thomas, 2018) and those seen in the Target debacle (Wagstaff, 2012).

We like the following websites: 
–  Bureau of investigative journalism – because of the highly visual element and the use of icons
–  Europa Bio – because of the consistent color-coding for each audience/tranche
–  Teach First – because of its ‘get involved’ tab that tells audiences quickly how to participate
– – because of their “first visit” cards leading to different types of content
– – for their “prepare a visit” page and the use of icons on top of the homepage
– – for their clear top menu with green and blue cards
–  International civil society centre – because of their use of pictures and visuals
–  Finance watch – because of their take action button on the top-right corner and clear identity
–  Amfori – because of their ‘counting’ feature
–  MedTechEurope – because of their “what we work on” icons
–  REHVA – because of their clear mission statement banner  



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