Daily Readings for the Month of December from

from Dec 1 to Christmas Day and Beyond

Dec 1 – Catherine Alder, Advent Hands

Dec 2 – Daniel Berrigan, Advent Credo

Dec 3 – John Betjeman, Christmas

Dec 4 – Sr. M. Charlita, I.H.M., Advent Antiphons

Dec 5 – G.K. Chesterton, The House of Christmas

Dec 6 – Sr. M. Chrysostom, The Stable

Dec7 – Pamela Cranston, ADVENT (On a Theme by Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

Dec 8 – Pamela Cranston, God’s Annunciation

Dec 9 – Pamela Cranston, Poem for Christ the King

Dec 10 – John Donne, Annunciation

Dec 11 – John Donne, Nativity

Dec 12 – St. Ephraim of Syria (Ephrem of Edessa), From God Christ’s Deity Came Forth

Dec 13 – U.A. Fanthorpe, BC:AD

Dec 14 – Christopher Harvey, The Nativity

Dec 15 – Denise Levertov, On the Mystery of the Incarnation

Dec 16 – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Christmas Bells

Dec 17 – Edwin Muir, The Annunciation

Dec 18 – Prudentius, Of the Father’s Love Begotten

Dec 19 – David A. Redding, Adult Advent Announcement

Dec 20 – Brad Reynolds, Gaudete  (*gaudete – a medieval hymn or carol of “rejoicing”)

Dec 21 – Rainer Maria Rilke, Annunciation to Mary

Dec 22 – Luci Shaw, Virgin

Dec 23 – Alfred Lord Tennyson, A New Year’s Poem

Dec 24 – Brian Wren, Good is the Flesh

Dec 25 – Matthew 1.18-2.7 (Jesus’ Birth), Luke 2 (Jesus’ Birth)

Dec 26 – Mark 1 (Jesus’ Ministry Begins)

Dec 27 – John 1 (Christ’s Incarnation & Calling)

Dec 28 – John 2-3 (Jesus’ First Miracle and Message)

Dec 29 – Romans 1 (Paul’s Letter to the churches of Asia Minor)

Dec 30 – Readings in Psalms (5 Psalms in 30 Days covers all the Psalms)

Dec 31 – Readings in Proverbs (a chapter a day for a month)

Jan 1 – Chose a Bible Reading Plan (there are several; print-out the chronological as a guide).
            Understanding the OT will help when reading the NT. And understanding the NT will
            help when reading the OT. Same God, same faith, but now re-read through Jesus.

Jan 2 – Begin attending several churches to discover their traditions, customs and understanding
            of Jesus in relation to the living Christian faith. Begin reading Relevancy22 as a starting
            point for understanding the theological teachings of Christianity, its doctrines & dogmas.

Jan 3 – Begin Walk Thru the Bible’s 5 Year Study (yes, it’s old timey but it will bring the Bible
            alive through the twangy Texas accent of a beloved pastor now passed away in a common-
            sense approach to people and life’s many twists and turns. The Bible is not meant to be
            hard to understand. This little audio study will tell of God’s daily presence and love).

Jan 4 – Become acquainted with the Basic Theological Readings of the Bible. Five methods are
            summarily examined comprehensively – each method shows how to read the Bible from
            a different viewpoint that will help give an interpretive structure to Bible reading.

Jan 5 – St. John’s Video Timelines Project – An Expansive Review of the Bible, church history
           and church doctrine at the reader’s pace while continuing to read through Relevancy22.
           In a way, Relevancy22 is the contemporary twin to the St. John’s Timelines Project.
           Where one examines the past, the other examines the directions of the church today.