The Horizon of the Possible

“Imagine what you think might be God’s farthest limit, & you will find Him present there.”

— Hilary of Poitiers (4th c.).

Provided by Lisa K Deam, PhD, @LisaKDeam. Author of A World Transformed and another, forthcoming book from Broadleaf Books. @broadleaf_books. Host of the PhD – Art History.

“The ability to hold seemingly opposite things as both true. This incredibly rare skill set where we can feel the pull, the opposite pull of things, and take a deep breath and say, “hey, both of these things can be true.” And that energy that we create holding opposite things is the birthplace of transformation.”

[After college, where one can select one’s “group” and dive deep at the cost of awareness of other groups] You feel pulled in different directions (Brene describing what Obama wrote about his grown-time after college, 21:41). Thus, Obama wrote, “I was from everywhere, and no where at once. Unsure of where I belonged” (21:49, and ___ in Obama’s The Promised Land).

To me, this means I am in the exact spot I should be. I’m designed to do my best in the space where I feel those around me have landed, and I am in-suspension-between these “opposite things,” between these, “different directions.” I belong “everywhere, and nowhere at once.”

To me, this also means that the people who need certainty will be continually uncomfortable around me. This is not all negative. We need military-mindset leaders. Positive aspects of being deep, sometimes (nearly) limited, can be an exploration of depth which I can be rightly accused of lacking. The need can certainly be negative. For example, it can be a too-easy path for bias to creep in. Confidence bias – see, McClaren, Rohr, ____ (LINK): 13 biases. – specifically Confidence Bias (LINK).

Importantly, Enneagram 2s and 9s value humans so much that not only might their brains, emotions, etc., default to limiting their focus to the one idea/thing in front of them (even to the point where they can’t stand for any validity being ascribed to the opposite of the idea/thing in front of them). This aspect of 2s and 9s is why we feel so heard and valued personally around 2s and 9s. This is their extreme loyalty and outward Goodness at play. This a indelible part of God’s character in which these 2s and 9s are made in His image.

Also feeling continually uncomfortable around me will be those who have deeply sunken into one of the the “things” I am holding in tension to the point where it dominates their perspective (nearly) exclusively.

  • Brene Brown, 12/18/2020, Unlocking Us Podcast. Bonus episode. Brene with President Barack Obama on Leadership, Family and Service